Fantasista Exhibition 2013

Suckerforsoccer is proud to take part in the Uk exhibition about football at bearspace Gallery this July.

For the Occasion Some of Zoran Lucic 's art was on show for the pleasure of all.


Baggio football poster - suckerforsoccer

Fantasista is bringing together some of the very best football artists from around the world for our first showcase exhibition.

Fantasista - The Art of the Number 10. Fantasista 2013, is a celebration of contemporary football art inspired by the rapid rise of the 'football artist' in the digital age.


Zidane header poster - zoran lucic


Other artistson show like artist Richard Swarbrick has made this exquisite film with Hotspur & Argyle, entitled Moments In Football, to help promote this month’s inaugural exhibition. It features some of the most celebrated scenes in the history of the game, drawn in Richard’s trademark rotoscopic style onto circular papers and then, using a record player, spun below the mirrors of a praxinoscope. The film’s opening and closing sequences were inspired by works from fellow artists, Steve Welsh’s ‘The Cruyff Turn’ and Zoran Lucic’s ‘Baggio’.

Published on 07/15/2013

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