La Lucarne Festival - Film and Football Festival and Soccer exhibition

Last April Sucker For Soccer was invited to participate in La Lucarne Festival, first french edition of the Football film festival in Paris. The Festival presented different films and documentaries on the Beautiful game over three days from April 4th to 7th 2013.



La Lucarne Festival is the initiative of the Petit Pont et Grand Ecran association created by a few friends all aficionados of Football and Cinema. If the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in Germany, It was the first edition for france, and we hope to see more of this great innitiative in the years to come.

For the occasion Sucker for Soccer presented over 30 art posters in limited editions by Zoran Lucic, at Point Ephemere.


Zoran Lucic exhibition at Point Ephemere


Follow La Lucarne Festival on their website and find out about all their upcoming events.




Published on 07/2/2013